SCONe Stories

SCONe is proud to have a number of ambassadors who inspired this collaborative venture. Here, they tell us their stories about how retinal imaging technologies have impacted their lives.

Malcolm's Story

Professor Malcolm Atkinson is a computer scientist at The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics who directly experienced the benefits of early diagnosis of AMD.

Sheila's Story

Image shows Sheila Saunders, a SCONe patient ambassador.
Sheila Saunders was diagnosed with dry AMD in February 2021 and is involved with The Macular Society's Edinburgh Main Group.

Rachel's Story

Photo of Rachel Doughty and her dogs
Rachel was diagnosed with Wet AMD in November 2022 and is currently a patient at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion.

Lorna's Story

A photograph of SCONe Patient Ambassador Lorna.
Lorna Small was diagnosed with wet AMD in 2014 and has received over 50 injections into her eyes which have helped to preserve her sight.

Morven's Story

An image of Morven Campbell, optometrist and co-owner of Iris Blue Optical
Morven Campbell is an optometrist and dispensing optician, and is the co-owner of Iris Blue Optical, one of the first pilot practices to contribute to the SCONe project.

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust

The RS Macdonald charitable trust logo
The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust is one of the funders of the SCONe project. We are grateful for their support of our work.

Sight Scotland's Story

Sight Scotland Logo
Sight Scotland are a national charity providing support, care & education for vision impaired people of all ages in Scotland. We are grateful for their support and funding of the SCONe project.

Jillian's Story

A newly-qualified optometrist holds a graduation scroll.
Jillian is an optometrist who benefited from access to retinal imaging technologies throughout her optometry training.