SCONe funders, steering group & collaborators

We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support and contributions of the following funders, steering group members and collaborators.

SCONe funders, steering group & collaborators

SCONe research is funded by:

We are also grateful to the following organisations for contributing funding to our initial Proof of Concept phase:


Steering group & collaborators:

Dr Pooley SCONe
Dr Janet Pooley Scottish Government Advisor and Optometrist
Professor Sanders (SCONe)
Professor Roshini Sanders  Lead e-referral and Consultant Ophthalmologist, NHS Fife​​​​​​
Dr Heather Ellis (SCONe)
Dr Heather Ellis  Senior Lecturer and Deputy Programme Director, Ophthalmology Masters
Action Against AMD and the Foresight Consortium UK


Special Thanks

The SCONe Team would like to thank the pioneering optometry practices who have participated in the SCONe project so far.
SCONe would also like to acknowledge the support of the eDRIS Team (Public Health Scotland) for their involvement in obtaining approvals, provisioning and linking data, and the use of the secure analytical platform within the National Safe Haven.
Logos of Public Health Scotland and EPCC
We would also like to thank EPCC (part of the University of Edinburgh), the UK's leading centre of Supercomputing and Data Science expertise, for their involvement in enabling SCONe in the National Safe Haven.