Late Onset Retinal Degeneration (L-ORD)

L-ORD Research

On this page there are some posters from research which has been carried out in relation to Late Onset Retinal Degeneration (L-ORD)

Establishing a model for macular degeneration using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing and human induced pluripotent stem cells


2813 -Multimodal imaging highlights novel phenotypic changes in late-onset retinal macular degeneration prior to loss of visual acuity


Novel pathogenic mutations in C1QTNF5 support a dominant negative disease mechanism in late-onset retinal degeneration


Whole genome sequencing reveals novelmutations causing autosomal dominant inherited macular degeneration


Investigating blue light illumination on human retinal pigment epithelial cell lines and its potential to model AMD in vitro (P086)