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Join us for a day of virtual sessions looking at becoming a postgraduate student at Edinburgh.

New cohort of MScR students has joined us for Academic Year 2021/2022

Welcome to new MScR Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Repair students who have started their studies in Edinburgh.

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Mapping the origins of childhood brain cancer

CRM scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how aggressive brain tumours develop in children and why they occur in specific regions of the brain.

Centre of excellence to tackle MS

Multiple sclerosis research is to be boosted by new funding for a research hub dedicated to tackling the disease.

Mathematical modelling of oxygen gradients in stem cell-derived liver tissue

New research from the Hay lab at CRM has shown how mathematical modelling can be used to optimise liver tissue engineering.

Selective brain cell loss in MS - a new focus in search for treatments

A new study by the Williams lab at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine has identified the selective loss of inhibitory brain cells.

Cell therapy spinout targets liver repair treatment

Advanced liver damage could be treated and repaired instead of requiring a transplant thanks to a University of Edinburgh spinout company.

Postgraduate Student Services Online Information Sessions, 16 December 2020

Join on 16 December for a day of sessions aimed at those interested in studying at Postgraduate level and considering applying in 2021.

2019/2020 MScR students awarded Distinctions and Merits

Many congratulations to Caroline, Ingrid, Jiazheng and Miguel on their awards.

Vast self-renewal potential of embryonic blood stem cells versus cord blood

A new study by CRM researchers has shown that very early in development, human stem cells that go on to produce adult blood and immune cells have a huge regenerative potential.

Mapping the molecular landscape of early blood stem cell emergence

A new study by CRM researchers has identified the landscape of important regulators of blood stem cell production in the early embryo

UoE Postgraduate Virtual Open Week, 16-20 March 2020

Learn more about our Masters programme and studying at The University of Edinburgh through an online platform.

CRM researcher Professor Steve Pollard talks about his research on brain cancer in The Times

Professor Steve Pollard talks about how his research is helping to develop new treatments to keep brain cancer in check in his interview in The Times.

Engineered macrophages boost blood cell production

Scientists at CRM have engineered macrophages in the laboratory from stem cells.

Progress towards skin swab test for Parkinson’s disease

A new study has identified chemicals in the skin responsible for a unique scent in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Brain cell changes in people with MS revealed

Fresh insights into the types of cells found in the brains of people with multiple sclerosis could help develop improved therapies.

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