MSc in Critical Care

Postgraduate Professional Development

At the University of Edinburgh, you can choose to study single or multiple courses via the Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) scheme. PPD is aimed at working professionals who want to advance their knowledge through a postgraduate-level course(s), without the time or financial commitment of a full Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.

Postgraduate Professional Development

Our Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) is aimed at healthcare professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians) who want to advance their knowledge and develop their professional skills in critical care.

Our Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) Courses

The part-time, online nature of our PPD courses offers a flexible way to study while maintaining work and personal commitments.

Our courses are taught by experts and practitioners from the UK National Health Service (NHS) and the University of Edinburgh who will teach in their speciality areas. The PPD courses allow you to participate in the same classes as the Critical Care degree; PPD registration grants you student status for two years from the date of registration and allows you full access to the University library during that time.

Our PPD courses run for 6 or 12 weeks and cover a range of topics in critical care. You will have the opportunity to interact online with doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals from across the world, supported by an expert and enthusiastic faculty. You will enjoy a variety of teaching and assessment methods on the programme (e.g. weekly live tutorials, recorded lectures, discussion boards, live expert panel sessions, self-directed reading, and online quizzes).

Successful completion of a PPD course allows you to gain academic credit. Over the course of two years through our PPD scheme you can take up to a maximum of 50 credits. For example, if you successfully complete a 6-week course you will be awarded 10 credits at SCQF Level 11 and if you successfully complete a 12 week course you will be awarded 20 credits at SCQF Level 11. If you decide to extend your study, it is possible to transfer your academic credits gained from PPD and continue with the programme here to study towards a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or Masters.

For More information on Our Courses

Please see the Degree Programme Table for more information about available courses in the current academic year.

Degree Programme Table

We deliver learning at various points in the year. Please see the list below to choose a starting month and course length that suits you.
Code Course Name Period Credits
CRCA11001 Fundamentals: Rescue and Resuscitation Sep - Oct 10
CRCA11014 Advanced Critical Care Sep - Oct 10
CRCA11002 Unlocking the literature: Clinical Trials Oct - Dec 10
CRCA11010 Neurological Critical Care Oct - Dec 10
CRCA11012 Maternal Critical Care Oct - Dec 10
CRCA11015 Unlocking the literature: Evidence to practice Jan - Apr 20
CRCA11003 Core Clinical Practice in Critical Care Jan - Feb 10
CRCA11021 Core Clinical Practice in Emergency Medicine Jan - Feb 10
CRCA11004 Trauma, Toxicology and Temperature Feb - Mar 10
CRCA11005 Sepsis and Infection Apr -May 10
CRCA11017 Cardiac Critical Care after elective procedures Apr -May 10
CRCA11019 Perioperative Critical Care Apr -May 10
CRCA11022 Cutting edge critical care: research and clinical practice in a changing world Apr -May 10
CRCA11006 Human Factors in Critical Care May - Jun 10
CRCA11018 Emergency Cardiac Critical Care May - Jun 10
CRCA11020 Transplant Critical Care May - Jun 10

Note: Course availability will be subject to student demand.


Tuition fees for 2023/24: 10 credits £1,065; 20 credits £2,125.

Extending Your Study

If you decide to extend your study, it is possible to transfer your academic credits gained from PPD and continue with the programme here to study towards a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or Masters. If you have any questions about this, please talk to the programme team as early as possible (

Entry Requirements and Applying for our PPD Courses

It is recommended that you have a UK 2:1 honours degree, or its international equivalent, in medicine (MBChB or equivalent), nursing, dietetics, physiotherapy, or any other allied health care profession involved in the management of critically ill patients. Our courses have a strong clinical element and experience of working with critically ill patients is essential. We may also consider your application if you have other relevant work experience; but please contact the programme team to discuss before you apply. There are other entry requirements that may be required such as proof of English – to find out more please view the application pages.

To start your application please select the option PG Professional Development Critical Care (Online Learning) (ICL) - 2 Years (Part-time Intermittent Study) from the application page.

Note: Applicants should include in their personal statement the course(s) on which they would like to enrol.

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