Internal Medicine

Why study with us online?

Our programme is designed to support early career doctors and associated medical professionals to develop their knowledge understanding and professional practice of Internal Medicine.

Watch the MSc in Internal Medicine recording from the Postgraduate Online Learning Open Days 2020.

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Postgraduate Online Learning Open Days 2021

The University of Edinburgh is recognised globally for its research, development and innovation, and has been providing students with a world-class education for more than 425 years.  Building on that tradition Internal Medicine is an online Masters programme from The University of Edinburgh that has been developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and is based within the University’s Deanery of Clinical Sciences and the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

World Class Postgraduate Teaching Online

By studying online with us at Internal Medicine you will be part one of the oldest yet one of the most progressive and dynamic universities in the UK. The University of Edinburgh has a growing portfolio of highly regarded online postgraduate programmes, with thousands of students currently taking advantage of this mode of education.  As a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, you will become part of a supportive online community, able to take advantage of the University’s strong academic tradition, while studying together with other students from across the world.

The immense support by administrative staff and exceptional teaching by administrative staff, professors, consultants, and registrars have been rewarding and gratifying.

Dr Divya ManoharanFormer student

The Internal Medicine Online Programme

Internal Medicine is an established online part time Masters programme that has been developed by specialist doctors with an interest in online learning. Our staff and tutors have a wealth of expertise and experience covering medicine, teaching, and support for students; allowing our programme to reflect current developments in the field, research, practice and teaching.

You will be taught by experts and practitioners from the UK National Health Service (NHS) and the University of Edinburgh who will teach in their speciality areas. In addition to providing a grounding in the discipline of Internal Medicine the programme supports both career and skills development and works in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. One outcome of this is the first two years of the programme are designed to complement and expand upon the MRCP curriculum and are suitable as preparation for the Royal College of Physicians exam.

The MSc undoubtedly expanded my clinical knowledge, and enhanced my medical practice and the level of care I can provide for my patients, especially, playing a vital role in my care of increasingly complex patients with problems that cross specialities.

Dr Divya ManoharanFormer student

Our programme aims to:

  • provide a flexible online programme that allows you to study while still meeting your professional and personal commitments.
  • provide a sound understanding of the principles, practices and current research in Internal Medicine.
  • provide a supportive online learning environment where students can confidently develop new academic and research skills.
  • provide access to many high quality, interactive online resources, e-journals and online textbooks.
  • offer an internationally recognised qualification from one of the world’s leading academic institutions.
  • provide options for study; such as a Postgraduate Certificate (1 year of study), Diploma (2 years of study) or Masters degree (3 years of study) or study single or multiple courses via the Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) scheme. 

Other academic and professional skills are embedded throughout the programme and focus on skills that will support you to develop your career, professional life, practice and research including:

  • training in allied health care areas such as health informatics, translational research, patient safety and clinical decision making.
  • managerial skills such as patient management, health service organisation and legal frameworks.
  • a solid grounding in research methods, including basic statistics and research project planning.
  • guidance in presenting research, from learning how to write for publication to podcasting.


Overall, this MSc program was an amazing journey for me and was the perfect program that channelled my perseverance for medicine and sciences, kept me astute with up-to-date medical knowledge.

Dr Divya ManoharanFormer student

As a medical graduate from University of Edinburgh, it has been an honour to continue my journey with this world-renowned University as a student of the Masters in Internal Medicine program. As a young doctor who was at the ‘start line’ of my medical career, this MSc definitely added another layer to my knowledge pyramid and allowed me to take confident strides, placing me a step ahead of my colleagues. Besides a strong focus and comprehensive overview of all core topics in internal medicine, this MSc program also enhanced my research, literature writing, critical appraisal, advanced thinking, presentation, and debate skills. An attractive aspect of this program is that it caters to individual interests and needs by offering the flexibility of selecting several of the core and elective modules. The supportive and enthusiastic environment provided by program lead, module tutors, and administrators made this journey much more pleasurable and worthwhile. Without a doubt, this degree played a key role in further fueling my passion for acute medicine and contributed to my personal, professional, and academic development by providing me the privilege to collaborate with medical colleagues on a global platform.

Dr Deepika ManoharanFormer student 2018


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