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We hear from Dr Louise Buckley on her experience as Deputy Programme Director & Cohort Lead in ChM Urology

Louise Buckley
Louise Buckley, Deputy Programme Director & Cohort Lead - ChM Urology

One of the most rewarding experiences of being the Deputy Programme Director (DPD) of ChM Urology is getting to know our diverse and accomplished students. Heralding from across the globe, we routinely welcome students from many different countries within one cohort. It is not uncommon for UK students to find themselves studying alongside students from countries as diverse as India, Nigeria, Mynamar, New Zealand and more in just one year. All with different experiences to share and enrich the collective learning experience, but all united in a passion to practice evidence-based surgery and be the best urologist that they can be.

Studying at the University of Edinburgh is not just about achieving an academic qualification though. The university has a rich tradition in offering wider opportunities to support students’ professional and personal development, and we feel strongly that online students should also have access to wider opportunities. Students at the university can apply for small grants to undertake projects aimed at enhancing the student experience, audit other courses offered within the university, undertake short courses to enhance soft skills or follow up other interests, and attend many of the seminar series offered in an online or hybrid format. So we were delighted when Urology News (hyperlink: https://www.urologynews.uk.com/), an industry journal aimed at urologists, decided to run a one off series on Urology around the World and wanted ChM Urology students to take part and share their experiences. As Louise Buckley (Urology DPD) explains: “as a former graduate (twice!) of the University of Edinburgh I was fortunate enough to experience the opportunities that come from being based at this university and I want my students to experience the same. This opportunity offered to urology UoE students is a wonderful chance for students to publish while studying at the university and I hope that lots of students take up this offer!”

So far, 3 students have published within Urology News sharing their experiences of Urology in India, Nigeria, and Mynamar. Musliu Tolani (who has now graduated and is a consultant in Nigeria) led the way with his experiences. This year he was joined by Satyendra Singh (India) and Min Thway (Mynamar) each providing a unique insight into practicing urology in their respective countries.

You can read their articles here: