Edinburgh Imaging

Completed projects

Edinburgh Imaging's completed liver disease / cirrhosis projects.

Completed projects
Title Description
Non-invasive imaging of portal hypertension using multiparametric MRI
  • A study to explore whether non-invasive MR imaging can detect haemodynamic changes in response to beta-blocker therapy in patients with cirrhosis & portal hypertension

Quantitative imaging of renal blood flow

  • A proof-of-concept study to evaluate the renal & hepatic haemodynamic effects of serelaxin in cirrhosis
  • MR imaging of renal blood flow in cirrhosis before & after treatment with serelaxin or terlipressin

Quantitative imaging of liver disease using multiparametric MRI

  • Independent validation of LiverMultiscan – a novel MRI technique that aims to quantify fibrosis, steatosis & siderosis in the liver

Splanchnic Steal

  • To compare blood flow in splanchnic & extra‐splanchnic circulations in patients with varying degrees of cirrhosis & healthy controls.