Edinburgh Imaging


Meet our radiographers from the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE.

Radiographer - Charlotte Jardine
Charlotte Jardine

I graduated from the Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in 2011. 

After working for a few years in Inverness as a general Radiographer,  I joined the team at Edinburgh Imaging in early 2013 as a research radiographer, moving on to become Superintendent Radiographer in 2017. As from January 2021, I am on maternity leave.

As the team leader I am responsible for the MR facility at the Royal Infirmary, the equipment and for the 8 research radiographers. As the MR responsible person for our facility, I play an active role in MR safety, induction and training of all staff and visitors.

In addition to management and scanning, I have an interest in image analysis of the ageing brain, stroke affected brain and in rating signs of cerebral small vessel disease. I am a trained retinal imager responsible for repeated imaging of our small vessel disease projects and I am trained in study imaging housekeeping and data management using our scan management systems.


Radiographer - Gayle
Gayle Barclay

I graduated from the Edinburgh School of Radiography, which is now part of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, in 1991. 

After working for a number of years specialising in paediatric radiography including CTMR and Nuclear Medicine I joined the team at Edinburgh Imaging in 2011. 

In addition to scanning, I have an interest in image analysis of the ageing brainstroke affected brain and in rating signs of cerebral small vessel disease.  I work one day a week with the Edinburgh Imaging Trials Team performing "housekeeping" and analysis on data sent as part of multi centre imaging trials. As the department's Health and Safety Advisor and qualified MRSO I play an active role in training staff, researchers and visitors in the importance of MR safety.  In conjunction with our MR Physicists I have written MR safety and practicalities of MR scanning in research modules for the Neuroimaging for Research MSc course, run by Edinburgh Imaging as well as being  course tutor for the Imaging: Practicalities and safety module.


Iona Hamilton
Radiographers - Iona Hamilton

I graduated from the Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

I later on joined Edinburgh Imaging in 2005.

My role is Senior Research Radiographer, and my focus is complex advanced techniques such as CO2 driven cerebrovascular reactivity, intracranial pulsatility, blood brain barrier permeability, pulse wave velocity and carotid imaging. I work at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE, using the MR scanner.


Radiographer - Lucy Kesseler
Lucy Kesseler

I graduated from the University of West of England (UWE), in 2008.

I joined Edinburgh Imaging in January 2017.

I am a Research Radiographer at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE. In addition to scanning I have an interest in research and supporting student radiographers.


Radiographers - Donna McIntyre
Donna McIntyre

My name is Donna McIntyre and I qualified as a Radiographer in Edinburgh in 1991.  My main focus was Neuro-Oncology whilst working for 17 years in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences performing Angiography, CT and MR scanning before joining the Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH in September 2015.

I am a MR Research Radiographer and work at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE on our 3T Siemens scanner.  

My main duties involve scanning Research participants and NHS patients. I am involved with QA analysis of our 1.5T scanner. This ensures our scanner is continually performing to the highest standard and all imaging is optimal.

We are performing many MR techniques to aid in stroke research.  I find this to be of increasing interest to me and look forward to being involved in future studies in this area.


Isla Mitchell
Isla Mitchell

I graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Diagnostic Radiography at Queen Margaret University in 2012.

I joined the Edinburgh Imaging team in 2019 as an MR Research Radiographer. My experience working in the public, private and research sector has lead me to the speciality field of Neuroimaging with Edinburgh University.

I work at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE and I am involved in a diverse array of studies, currently being undertaken within the facility.


Radiographers - maddy Murphy
Maddy Murphy

I qualified as a Radiographer in London in 1999, and worked for the NHS in the South East and the Midlands.

I have been a Clinical Specialist Radiographer in MR since 2007 alongside job roles in Clinical Governance and Accreditation. I joined Edinburgh Imaging in May 2018.


Radiographers - Stewart Wiseman
Stewart Wiseman

I am a Stroke Association Post-Doctoral Fellow and part time research radiographer at Edinburgh Imaging.

My research interests include chronic systemic inflammatory arthropathies and their effects on the brain, and cerebral small vessel disease. My post doc focuses on the morphological changes in retinal vessels and retinal nerve fibre layers and relationships to cerebral small vessel disease.