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Dementia is the progressive loss of normal cognitive function, which can occur sporadically due to a genetic predisposition or in relation to chronic cerebrovascular disease.


Our research aim is to understand in detail the biology & expression of neurodegenerative disease decades before symptoms of dementia appear. This includes very comprehensive assessment through neuroimaging, blood & CSF tests of this biology & detailed cognitive testing as well as early neuropsychiatric features such as sleep disturbance.

We also assess fixed & modifiable risks to determine what factors mediate dais onset & progression.

Projects led from Edinburgh (EPAD & PREVENT Dementia) also assess people longitudinally allowing us to model not only cross-sectional associations but also longitudinal trajectories.

Ultimately we aim to create disease & clinical models that can be applied at both a personal & population level to impact on the course of neurodegenerative disease & therein prevent dementia.


Lead dementia researcher 

If you would like to discuss undertaking dementia research & collaborating with us, please contact our business manager, who will arrange a meeting with our dementia research lead.

Dr Duncan Martin

Business Manager

  • Edinburgh Imaging

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Research staff with a dementia focus


Current projects
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Cognitive Health in Ageing Register: Investigational, Observational and Trial Studies in Dementia Research: Prospective Readiness Cohort Study

  • Sub study to assess optimal measurement of cognition in amyloid positive patients, without dementia over 3.5 years
  • None academic
Dementia Longitudinal Cohort Study

European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia

  • Pan-European Study led by University of Edinburgh to build a readiness and disease modelling cohort to feed & inform the design of a standing, Phase 2, proof-of-concept, adaptive Clinical Trial for the secondary prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia
Dementia Longitudinal Cohort Study
PREVENT Dementia
  • A UK wide study led from Edinburgh
  • Seeks to identify the biological & cognitive outcomes associated with neurodegenerative disease in mid-life (40-59) & develop better clinical disease models of NDD in this very early pre-clinical population
Dementia Longitudinal Cohort Study
  Investigating the impact of a deficit in 'associating information' in those with Alzeimers          
  Mouse models of dementia          


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