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Dementia is the progressive loss of normal cognitive function, which can occur sporadically due to a genetic predisposition or in relation to chronic cerebrovascular disease.


Our research aim is to understand in detail the biology & expression of neurodegenerative disease decades before symptoms of dementia appear. This includes very comprehensive assessment through neuroimaging, blood & CSF tests of this biology & detailed cognitive testing as well as early neuropsychiatric features such as sleep disturbance.

We also assess fixed & modifiable risks to determine what factors mediate dais onset & progression.

Edinburgh is a hub/centre in the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK-DRI) with a programme found on vascular dementia and is leading a large UK-wide study about vascular dementia (R4VaD).  Projects led from Edinburgh (EPAD & PREVENT DementiaLBC1936, Mild Stroke Study 3, R4VaD) also assess people longitudinally allowing us to model not only cross-sectional associations but also longitudinal trajectories. We now work on projects that try to improve detection of early markers of dementia from the appearance of the back of the eye.

Ultimately we aim to create disease & clinical models that can be applied at both a personal & population level to impact on the course of neurodegenerative disease & therein prevent dementia.


Lead dementia researcher 

If you would like to discuss undertaking dementia research & collaborating with us, please contact our business manager, who will arrange a meeting with our dementia research lead.

Dr Duncan Martin

Business Manager

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Current projects
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Cognitive Health in Ageing Register: Investigational, Observational and Trial Studies in Dementia Research: Prospective Readiness Cohort Study

  • Sub study to assess optimal measurement of cognition in amyloid positive patients, without dementia over 3.5 years

European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia

  • Pan-European Study led by University of Edinburgh to build a readiness and disease modelling cohort to feed & inform the design of a standing, Phase 2, proof-of-concept, adaptive Clinical Trial for the secondary prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia
PREVENT Dementia
  • A UK wide study led from Edinburgh
  • Seeks to identify the biological & cognitive outcomes associated with neurodegenerative disease in mid-life (40-59) & develop better clinical disease models of NDD in this very early pre-clinical population


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