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Software for data management

We have several bespoke software solutions for managing imaging research data


Provides a system for capturing and managing scanner usage related information, in particular it provides the following functionality:

  • Management of information about studies, including collaborators, finance and ethics
  • A DICOM Catalogue that is populated from the DICOM objects headers (using DICOM Confidential)
  • Storage and retrieval of scanning information (date, time, preparation time, subject information, contrast, etc.) and linking to the research studies
  • It can produce several types of reports on scan occupancy, studies scans, accounting information/invoicing information, etc.
  • A configurable (per study) method for on-demand data post-processing (de-identification, transfer, etc.) using DICOM Confidential, which includes providing parameters for de-identification from the web application
  • User management
  • Recent versions can support MR, CT, PET, contrast agents


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