Edinburgh Imaging

Retinal Imaging

We work collaboratively on research which utilises the retina to gain insights into disease that affect the body and the brain as well as the eye itself.

3D visualization of Retinal View


Our retinal imaging facilities include: 

  • standard fundus camera (Canon CR-DGi; 45° FoV)
  • hand-held fundus camera (epiCam; 35° FoV)
  • ultra-widefield scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (Optos Daytona; 200° FoV)
  • optical coherence tomography (Heidelberg SPECTRALIS)
  • OCT Angiography (Optovue Angiovue)  

We also possess the expertise to quantitatively analyze images from these various retinal imaging modalities.

The VAMPIRE Project

The VAMPIRE (Vascular Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina) project is at the cutting-edge of software development for the analysis of retinal images in clinical research.

It is an international collaboration led by the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee with partners in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. Software from this project has been used by or in collaboration with many institutions from all over the world.

Since inception in 2007, VAMPIRE has secured substantial research funding and led to over 35 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts.

Student opportunities

We also deliver undergraduate and postgraduate student project opportunities in retinal imaging. These activities engage early stage scientists and clinicians in this field and nurture their enthusiasm, enabling us to develop and mentor future PhD students and clinical researchers.