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Neuroimaging sciences at Edinburgh Imaging includes facilities on two campuses: one at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE), Little France & one at the Western General Hospital (WGH).

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  • 1998 - in January, the Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC) was founded & located in Edinburgh's Western General Hospital
  • 2006 - the Neuroimaging Sciences project administration mechanisms merged with the Clinical Research Facility
  • 2016 - BRIC became part of Edinburgh Imaging and is now referred to as the Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH
  • 2017  - in February, a second Brain Research Imaging Facility was officially opened developed at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Little France site (Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE)
Prof Wardlaw with Chancellor

Official opening of the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE; Prof Wardlaw demonstrates the new 3.0T MRI scanner to dignitaries.


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MR scanners

Our two neuro-optimised research MRI facilities are embedded within Edinburgh's major hospital sites:

Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH
  • GE Signa 1.5T MRI scanner
  • Sited at the Western General Hospital
  • Immediately adjacent to the Division of Clinical Neurosciences (DCN)
  • Accessible from Telford Road
Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE 
  • Siemens Magnetom Prisma 3.0T MRI scanner
  • Sited at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Little France
  • Immediately adjacent to the A&E department 
  • Accessible from Old Dalkeith Road


Facility Director

Professor Joanna Wardlaw

Other Senior Staff

Professor Andrew Farrall

Professor Ian Marshall

Professor Adam Waldman

Dr Cyril Pernet


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Our Neuroimaging sciences research focuses on the effects of vascular disease on the brain, ageing, inflammatory disorders, tumour & reducing the burden of common neurological disorders.

We provide very high quality MR scans from simple single scans, through to coordinated, multi-centre, global neuroimaging clinical trials.

BRIC has helped make the University of Edinburgh one of the top-rated research Universities in the world.

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Centre Recognition

Major scientific advances include understanding:

  • Lacunar stroke (the cause of a fifth of all strokes)
  • The relationship between blood brain barrier permeability & small vessel disease
  • Cognition in the elderly
  • Connectivity abnormalities in schizophrenia

BRIC researchers showed that about three quarters of small bleeds that caused minor strokes were missed when using other methods of brain imaging like CT, yet are visible using MRI.

Our research underpins world wide guidelines on stroke & is published in the most prestigious academic publications read throughout the world.

The Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH has scanned well over 25,000 subjects in research projects.

BRIC was recognised in the Wellcome Trust Portfolio Review on Human Functional Brain Imaging 1990-2009, although our main focus is not functional imaging.



Both facilities which carry out brain research imaging are dependent on donations.

We are extremely grateful to the following organisations for major funding support:

  • AgeUK
  • Alzheimer's Society
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Chief Scientits Office
  • Cohen Charitable Trust
  • Dunhill Medical Trust
  • GE Medical Systems
  • Medical Research Council
  • MS Society
  • National Institute for Health Research Emerging Medicines Evaluation (EME) Board
  • National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme
  • NHS Lothian Research & Development
  • Row Fogo Charitable Trust
  • Scottish Academic Health Sciences Collaboration
  • Scottish Funding Council
  • Stroke Association
  • Translational Medicine Research Initiative
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility Edinburgh
  • Wyeth / TMRI Ltd
  • Private Donations



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The short url for Neuroimaging Sciences at Edinburgh Imaging is: www.ed.ac.uk/edinburgh-imaging/brain-imaging