Edinburgh Imaging

Image Databanks

We have collated and developed various image databanks openly available for research.

BRAINS Imagebank

The BRAINS (Brain Images of Normal Subjects) Imagebank is an anonymised collection of images and associated clinical data collected from 'normal' individuals participating in research.

Digital Brain Atlases for Assessing Markers of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease

Datasets that include the reference brain template where atlases have been developed, and the brain atlases for assessing different markers of cerebral small vessel disease and neurodegeneration

Hippocampal Manual Segmentation

Manual delineation of hippocampus in community-dwelling non-demented adults

Human Voice Areas

Spatial organisation and inter-individual variability in temporal and extra-temporal cortices.

MRI Variability in a Rat Model of Stroke

Measuring infarct size on multicentre MRI

Test-retest fMRI Dataset

A test-retest fMRI dataset for motor, language and spatial attention functions

Post-mortem brain analyses of the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936

Extending lifetime cognitive and brain phenotyping to the level of the synapse.

Reference Segmentations of White Matter Hyperintensities

Structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-derived data from 20 participants enrolled in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) project

White matter hyperintensities assessment methods

Summarises all the white matter hyperintensities (WMH) volume measurement methods used in different studies up to October 2014