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Edinburgh Imaging Facility Easter Bush

The Edinburgh Imaging Facility Easter Bush undertakes veterinary imaging at the Dick Vet School, the Roslin Institute and LARIF, located south of Edinburgh near the Pentland Hills.

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

The Dick Vet School carries out imaging on both large and small animals, which requires a diagnosis in order to be treated accurately.

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Roslin Institute

The Roslin Institute is a world-leading institute for animal science research.

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This Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility incorporates resources for the Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) and the Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre (AGRI-EPI) due for completion in 2019.

LARIF will also include the Wellcome Trust-funded Critical Care Laboratory for Large Animals currently at Dryden Farm, which was made possible by a Wellcome Trust Award made to Michael Eddleston, who, in conjunction with Eddie Clutton, established the Wellcome Trust Critical Care Laboratory for Large Animals (WTTCCLLA) in 2014.  We are extremely grateful to both Michael and Eddie for their dedication and determination, and are delighted that they will both be able to enjoy a large animal translational research unit on the Easter Bush Campus.  

It will also offer advanced imaging capabilities to advance neurobiology, anatomy and physiology in large animals, as well as to provide capacity to study infectious diseases and evaluate control strategies.

It will provide the tools required for advances in fields such as immunology & host defence, neuroscience and developmental biology in multiple livestock species.

Together with all other Edinburgh Imaging Facilities, it  will support the University of Edinburgh's vision of "One health, one medicine."


EI facility location
MR 3.0T Siemens Healthcare Magnetom Skyra Easter Bush
CT 64 Slice Siemens Healthcare   Easter Bush



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