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BRAINS imagebank

The Brain Images of Normal Subjects (BRAINS) imagebank is a searchable, living database of images & clinical information across the human lifespan.

BRAINS Imagebank logo
BRAINS Imagebank logo
What is BRAINS?
  • an integrated repository project / living imagebank
  • hosted by the University of Edinburgh
  • sponsored by the Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence (SINAPSE) collaborators
  • contains data from 808 healthy volunteers
    • 15 to 81 years of age
    • from 7 projects in 3 centres
  • new data will be added when available
    • additional completed & ongoing studies of normal individuals from 1st to 10th decades are in preparation & will be included as they become available


What is the BRAINS imagebank?
  • an anonymised collection of images & associated clinical data collected from 'normal' individuals participating in research
  • it includes several MR & structural sequences (e.g. T1, T2, T2* & FLAIR) available in DICOM (http://dicom.nema.org/)
  • future addition of DTI planned
  • images are linked to a wide range of ‘textual data’ including:
    • age
    • medical history
    • physiological measures (e.g. blood pressure)
    • medication use
    • cognitive ability
    • perinatal information for pre- / post-natal subjects
  • the imagebank can be searched to include or exclude ranges of these variables to create better estimates of ‘what is normal’ at different ages


What does BRAINS provide?
  • sharing & archiving of detailed normal human brain imaging
  • sharing & archiving of relevant phenotypic data
  • data is already collected in studies of healthy volunteers across the life-course
  • focus is in particular on extremes of age where variability is largest
    • current emphasis on older age
    • future plans to include perinatal imaging
  • future plans to include other imaging which is under-represented in existing databanks