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31 Jul 20. Featured Paper

The vascular nature of COVID-19.

Link to paper on The British Journal of Radiology



Matthijs Oudkerk, Dirkjan Kuijpers, Sytse F Oudkerk, & Edwin JR van Beek.



A potential link between mortality, D-dimer values & a prothrombotic syndrome has been reported in COVID-19 patients.

The National Institute for Public Health of the Netherlands published a report for guidance on diagnosis, prevention & treatment of thromboembolic complications in COVID-19 with a new vascular disease concept.

The analysis of all available current medical, laboratory & imaging data on COVID-19 confirms that symptoms & diagnostic tests can not be explained by impaired pulmonary ventilation.

Further imaging & pathological investigations confirm that the COVID-19 syndrome is explained by perfusion disturbances first in the lung, but consecutively in all organs of the body.

Damage of the microvasculature by SARS 1 & SARS 2 (COVID-19) viruses causes microthrombotic changes in the pulmonary capillaries & organs leading to macrothrombosis & emboli.

Therefore anticoagulant profylaxis, close lab & CT imaging monitoring & early anticoagulant therapy are indicated.




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