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28 Apr 20. COVID-19: Dr Vallatos

Dr Antoine Vallatos is leading Edinburgh Imaging’s response to COVID-19.

Dr Antoine Vallatos operates the 3D Einscan scanner at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH.
Dr Antoine Vallatos operates the 3D Einscan scanner at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH.

Antoine came to Edinburgh Imaging in 2017 as a Research Associate in preclinical & clinical imaging research at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

Antoine’s main research interest lies in developing novel magnetic resonance (MR) techniques for quantitative characterisation of biophysical systems. Antoine has been particularly focused on perfusion, BBB permeability, flow & diffusion processes.

Antoine’s current projects with Edinburgh Imaging are on imaging methods adapted to brain tumour invasion & small vessel disease, under the supervision of Dr Michael Thrippleton, Dr. Gerry Thompson, Prof Adam Waldman & Prof Joanna Wardlaw.


Fighting COVID-19

Antoine’s previous background in mechanical engineering & business administration, plus a 4-year experience working in industry, means he was well placed to take up a key role in the University of Edinburgh’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Antoine has focused his skills on the practicalities & logistics of producing bespoke hardware for healthcare equipment. Part of an interdisciplinary effort including NHS Lothian Medical Physics, he is the main intermediary between the NHS Lothian & the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh.

In this role, Antoine helps define NHS Lothian needs, in particular, spare part specifications such as:

  • Materials
  • Tolerances
  • Functions
  • Impacts of contact of materials with chemicals or inhaled gases

Antoine translates these needs into data to allow School of Engineering teams to source raw materials for & to manufacture bespoke hardware for healthcare.

Antoine’s project coordination role means that he is a core team member, defining & implementing effective workflows across multiple teams & institutions, so that the supply chain be effective. This team includes: 

Antoine creates workflow visuals so as to facilitate team work & understanding; he organises bespoke hardware for healthcare transfers using safe transfer protocols.

On the Edinburgh Imaging side, Antoine uses imaging techniques to create digital templates for the bespoke hardware for healthcare.

Imaging techniques used include:

The pipeline for bespoke hardware for healthcare has been recognised as worthwhile: the School of Informatics has set up an internship for Antoine to supervise directly, designed to implement productivity tools & improve communication of the multiple teams involved in this collaborative effort.



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