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23 Apr 20. Featured Paper

Diagnosis, prevention, & treatment of thromboembolic complications in COVID-19: report of the National Institute for Public Health of the Netherlands.

Link to paper on RSNA, Radiology



Matthijs Oudkerk, Harry R Büller, Dirkjan Kuijpers, Nick van Es, Sytse F Oudkerk, Theresa C McLoud, Diederik Gommers, Jaap van Dissel, Hugo ten Cate, Edwin J van Beek



A potential link between mortality, D-dimer values & a prothrombotic syndrome has been reported in patients with COVID-19 infection.

The National Institute for Public Health of the Netherlands asked a group of Radiology & Vascular Medicine experts to provide guidance for the imaging workup & treatment of these important complications.

This report summarizes evidence for thromboembolic disease, potential diagnostic & preventive actions as well as recommendations for patients with COVID-19 infection.