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21 Oct 20. Featured Paper

Computed tomography aortic valve calcium scoring for the assessment of aortic stenosis progression.

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Mhairi Katrina Doris, William Jenkins, Philip Robson, Tania Pawade, Jack Patrick Andrews, Rong Bing, Timothy Cartlidge, Anoop Shah, Alice Pickering, Michelle Claire Williams, Zahi A Fayad, Audrey White, Edwin JR van Beek, David E Newby, Marc R Dweck



Objective: CT quantification of aortic valve calcification (CT-AVC) is useful in the assessment of aortic stenosis severity.

Our objective was to assess its ability to track aortic stenosis progression compared with echocardiography.

Methods: Subjects were recruited in two cohorts: (1) a reproducibility cohort where patients underwent repeat CT-AVC or echocardiography within 4 weeks & (2) a disease progression cohort where patients underwent annual CT-AVC &/or echocardiography.

Cohen’s d-statistic (d) was computed from the ratio of annualised progression & measurement repeatability & used to estimate group sizes required to detect annualised changes in CT-AVC & echocardiography.

Results: A total of 33 (age 71±8) & 81 participants (age 72±8) were recruited to the reproducibility & progression cohorts, respectively.

Ten CT scans (16%) were excluded from the progression cohort due to non-diagnostic image quality.

Scan-rescan reproducibility was excellent for CT-AVC (limits of agreement −12% to 10 %, intraclass correlation (ICC) 0.99), peak velocity (−7% to +17%; ICC 0.92) mean gradient (−25% to 27%, ICC 0.96) & dimensionless index (−11% to +15%; ICC 0.98).

Repeat measurements of aortic valve area (AVA) were less reliable (−44% to +28%, ICC 0.85).

CT-AVC progressed by 152 (65–375) AU/year.

For echocardiography, the median annual change in peak velocity was 0.1 (0.0–0.3) m/s/year, mean gradient 2 (0–4) mm Hg/year & AVA −0.1 (−0.2–0.0) cm2/year.

Cohen’s d-statistic was more than double for CT-AVC (d=3.12) than each echocardiographic measure (peak velocity d=0.71 ; mean gradient d=0.66; AVA d=0.59, dimensionless index d=1.41).

Conclusion: CT-AVC is reproducible & demonstrates larger increases over time normalised to measurement repeatability compared with echocardiographic measures.





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