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11 May 20. SINAPSE Innovation Partnership Fund

Edinburgh Imaging’s Dr Michelle Williams has been awarded a SINAPSE Innovation Partnership Fund award.

Dr Michelle Williams is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Center for Cardiovascular Sciences & a Clinical Lecturer at the Edinburgh Imaging Academy.

Dr Williams received funding from SINAPSE for her lead in the project “Vascular calcification on routine thoracic CT to predict & improve cardiovascular outcomes."

The project aims to use machine learning to identify calcification in the heart & coronary arteries on CT scans.

The team hope to identify previously unrecognised cardiovascular disease.

Early identification of coronary heart disease will enable patient tailored treatment, including lifestyle advice & preventative medication.

The deep learning techniques that the team will use are computationally intensive so the funding will go towards purchasing computing power that is capable of this challenge. 

The team will then be able to analyse CT scans from previous research studies & develop machine learning models to identify & classify calcification.


This award will facilitate collaboration between imaging experts & machine learning experts at the University of Edinburgh & at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles & will help us develop new ways of identifying coronary artery disease

Dr Michelle WilliamsSenior Clinical Research Fellow



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