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31 May 19. ADDF Diagnostics Awards

On the 30th May 2019, the Alzheimer’s Drug Development Foundation announced the first four research groups who will receive funding from their new Diagnostics Accelerator research programme.

Many congratulations to Dr Tom MacGillivray (Edinburgh, UK), Dr Sharon Fekrat (Duke, USA) and colleagues who were successful in obtaining funding from the Alzheimer’s Drug Development Foundation (ADDF) under the Diagnostics Accelerator research programme.

Created in July 2018, the Diagnostics Accelerator research programme aims to fast track better tests for Alzheimer’s disease.

The team were one in the first four to receive the award and were recognised at the ADDF’s 13th Annual Connoisseur’s Dinner.

The international study team featuring researchers from the UK (Edinburgh, Belfast and Dundee) and USA (Duke) will employ a novel combination of retinal biomarkers capturing neurodegeneration and disrupted vasculature found in Alzheimer’s disease with advanced imaging analyses.


We are very excited to be part of this initial round of innovative funding for accelerating research into novel biomarkers for Alzheimer’s. The ability to look into someone’s eye and discover something about their risk of developing disease is a very exciting proposition. We hope our research will show promise for early warning but also that we even might be able to differentiate different types of dementia as well.

Dr Tom MacGillivraySenior Research Fellow