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26 Jun 19. New Facility - LARIF

In January 2020, the new the Large Animal Research Imaging Facility (LARIF), based within the Edinburgh Imaging Facility (Easter Bush) will officially open.

What is LARIF?

LARIF is the Large Animal Research Imaging Facility, based at the University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Campus.


Working lunch event - Programme - Thursday 27 June

This meeting will offer University of Edinburgh staff, the chance to hear more about LARIF, it's modalities and what research can be carried out in this fantastic imaging facility. 

Noon Fiona Houston                 

Introduction of the Large Animal Research Imaging Facility


James Nixon  LARIF building; general overview of facilities
12.20hrs Carola Daniel LARIF imaging facilities and role within Edinburgh Imaging
12.25hrs Eddie Clutton

Large animal models in biomedical research – examples of  current work from WTCCLLA (Laboratory at Dryden.)

12.35hrs Sam Eaton

PPT1 sheep as an example of a gene-edited large animal model for human disease

12.45hrs Sarah Brown

Effects of environmental enrichment on brain function in the domestic pig.

12.55hrs Gerry Thompson Using large animals in brain imaging research
13.05hrs Chris Proudfoot Practicalities of initiating a large animal project in LARIF
13.15hrs Stefano Guido

Procedures for ethical approval and licencing of research using large animals.

13.30hrs Q&As Informal questions during networking lunch
14.30hrs End of Lunch  
Further Information


General enquiries -  James Nixon or Chris Proudfoot on larif@ed.ac.uk