Edinburgh Imaging

07 Feb 19. We are 21 yrs old!

Join us in celebration, as we commemorate 21 years of neuroimaging research in brain health & common brain diseases at the University of Edinburgh

BRIC is 21

This week marks our 21st anniversary of providing brain research imaging in Edinburgh & we're looking back at the accomplishments of our researchers, students & staff over the last 21 years.

What started as the SHEFC Brain Imaging Research Centre for Scotland (SBIRC) & evolved into the Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC), now operates as the Western General Hospital site of our Edinburgh Imaging Facilities.

It's been quite a journey, with everyone's hard work resulting in lots of successes. We look forward to a bright future for brain & body imaging as well as the associated research in Edinburgh, for the next 21 years!


1998 - SHEFC Brain Imaging Research Centre for Scotland (SBIRC)

The original ground-breaking centre opened at the Western General Hospital campus, connected to the Division of Clinical Neurosciences (DCN), in north Edinburgh in January 1998. The original scanner was a 2T MR scanner.

The mission statement at that time was to ‘establish the technological & intellectual infrastructure of an advanced brain imaging research centre which, through a strong academic & industrial collaboration, would allow the partners to pursue & develop their research capabilities in the neurosciences.’

For full details of early funders & research activities from 1998 to 2007, please click here.


2008 - Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC)

In 2006, Professor Joanna Wardlaw & associates had raised enough funds to upgrade to a GE 1.5T MRI scanner & to extend the building, incorporating additional offices & workspaces, for the growing team of radiologists, researchers, radiographers & students.

For full details of funders & research activities from 2008 to 2015, please click here.


2016 - Edinburgh Imaging

In 2016, the Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC) & the Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) joined together to form Edinburgh Imaging. The merged centres were renamed Edinburgh Imaging Facility WGH & Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI respectively.

With more investment, in February 2017 Edinburgh Imaging opened a third imaging facility, the Edinburgh Imaging Facility RIE.

For full details of papers & research activities from 2016 to 2019, please click here.


Our mission statement

The ethos set in 1998, runs through our existing mission statement, which is ‘to enhance the quality of life for patients & create solutions to disease, through our medical imaging research, our NHS clinical service & our online education programmes.


Our thanks

We know that our growth and development could not have happened without the help & support of charities, manufacturers, industry collaborators & most importantly, those who have worked with us, volunteered for our studies or provided financial support.

Thank you all, for believing in the work that we do & here’s to many, many more exciting years ahead.