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02 Nov 19. Featured Paper

Aortic valve stenosis—multimodality assessment with PET/CT & PET/MRI

Link to paper on The British Journal of Radiology



Evangelos Tzolos, Jack PM Andrews, & Marc R. Dweck.



Aortic valve disease is the most common form of heart valve disease in developed countries & a growing healthcare burden with an ageing population.

Transthoracic & transoesophageal echocardiography remains central to the diagnosis & surveillance of patients with aortic stenosis, providing gold standard assessments of valve haemodynamics & myocardial performance.

However, other multimodality imaging techniques are being explored for the assessment of aortic stenosis, including combined PET/CT & PET/MR.

Both approaches provide unique information with respect to disease activity in the valve alongside more conventional anatomic assessments of the valve & myocardium in this condition.

This review investigates the emerging use of PET/CTPET/MR to assess patients with aortic stenosis, examining how the complementary data provided by each modality may be used for research applications & potentially in future clinical practice.