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Public engagement videos from Edinburgh Imaging academics & other speakers.


2016 Keynote Lecture

The Stroke Association's Keynote Lecture is a prestigious event that showcases the latest advancements being made in stroke research.

Advances in Neuroimaging the Eye

Hear Dr Tom MacGillivary's presentation, as part of the EICC's series of free public lectures, Innovation Biotechnology, which took place on 12 April 2016 at EICC.

Brain Bank Workshop - presentations

If you were unable to attend the Brain Bank workshop in Edinburgh in 2014, you can view all the presentations online through the SINAPSE website.

Doctor Alexa Morcom

My group works on the cognitive neuroscience of human memory, especially memory for events & its typical, but variable, decline in ageing. We combine brain imaging using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) & event-related potentials (ERPs) with behavioural methods.

Doctor Cyril Pernet

Dr Cyril Pernet describes how brain scanning has transformed research & understanding of the brain.

Doctor David Kluth

In this video David describes how Macrophages genetically modified to express heme-oxygenase-1 (HO-1) reduce experimental acute kidney injury (AKI).

Doctor David Wyllie

Researching Biology is a fascinating opportunity to find out, for instance, how the brain works.

Doctor Will Whiteley

Targeted treatment for acute stroke. In this video Will describes his research interest in the development of better methods to predict outcome after stroke, & the integration of outcome predictions into clinical practice, particularly using smart-phones.

Ethics in Research Management Symposium

Symposium on the ethical issues around managing incidental findings during imaging research.

Human Brain Project

The goal of the Human Brain Project is to build a completely new information computing technology infrastructure for neuroscience & for brain-related research in medicine & computing, catalysing a global collaborative effort to understand the human brain & its diseases & ultimately to emulate its computational capabilities.

Prof Andrew Farrall Inaugural Lecture

Images underpin a large variety of research - from clinical trials, to laboratory cellular methods, from equipment design & development, to innovations in image visualization, processing and analysis. During his lecture Professor Andrew Farrall will explore the challenges and benefits, of educating and training the diverse population of researchers, who use images to push forward the frontiers of their disciplines.

Professor David Newby

Professor David Newby delivers his lecture on Air Pollution & Heart Attacks.

Professor David Willshaw

In this video David describes his research into the use of computational modeling for the analysis of neural activity & development.

Professor Edwin van Beek

The creation of a new University of Edinburgh imaging centre promises to deliver improved diagnosis & treatments for diseases ranging from cancer to schizophrenia.

Professor Joanna Wardlaw

Researchers find that stroke survivors are more able to look after themselves following treatment with rt-PA.

Professor Malcolm MacLeod

New treatments are urgently needed for a range of human diseases including stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease & Parkinson’s disease.

Professor Stephen Lawrie

Professor Stephen Lawrie, Professor of Psychiatry and Head of the Division of Psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh, delivers his Medical Detectives lecture entitled "Scanning for a Diagnostic Test for Schizophrenia".

Stroke Research & Trials

In collaboration with our colleagues at Nottingham University, The University of Western Australia (UWA) & the Virtual Medical Centre(VMC), we have managed to produce 4 stroke videos.