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Image analysis service - reuse

Our team of experts can advise & assist you. You can also download many of our image analysis tools & undertake online training.

Who can tap into our expertise?
  • Academics
  • Industrial partners

What can we offer?

  • Analysis & processing - quantitative & qualitative approaches
  • Training - of researchers & investigators in the use of specialised analysis & processing techniques
  • Advice - from study design in the conceptual stages through to post-acquisition procedures & protocols
  • Development - of new image analysis & processing methods

What specifically constitutes our analysis & processing expertise?

  • Texture analysis & description
  • Structural analysis
    • Data registration
    • Region of interest level analysis
    • Voxel level analysis
      • Univariate
      • Multivariate / machine learning  

Please get in touch for more information:

Tom MacGillivray

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Row Fogo Centre for Research into Aging and the Brain

This newly established philanthropic hub focuses on understanding small vessel disease and its impact through brain ageing, vascular disease and dementia, through use of advanced brain imaging and related complementary methods. The Centre forms a bridge between the UoE UK Dementia Research Institute and the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, and acts as a source of information on SVDs, expertise in image analysis, and networking point to engage researchers working on cerebral small vessel diseases from any perspective across the University.