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We perform several different types of research scanning. Each is explained here.

What is a MR scan?

What is an MRI scan?
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging was first demonstrated in the early 1970's & first used clinically in the 1980's. It is a relatively new technique which continues to be a fast developing science.

What is a CT scan?

What is a CT scan?
A computerised tomography (CT) scanner uses X-rays & a computer to create detailed images of the inside of the body.

What is a PET scan?

What is  a PET scan?
Positron emission tomography (PET) scans are used to produce detailed three-dimensional images of how the cells are working inside the body.

What is a PET-MR scan?

A PET-MR scanner is a PET scanner combined with an MR scanner.

What is a PET-CT scan?

A PET-CT scanner is a PET scanner combined with a CT scanner.

What is an fMR scan?

Functional magnetic resonance (fMR) imaging, is a technique which detects changes in blood flow to brain, when the brain is active.

What is Retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging is a non-invasive & completely safe method of obtaining pictures of the back of the eye.

What is an Ultrasound scan?

What is an ultrasound scan?
An ultrasound scan, sometimes called a sonogram, is a procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body, such as the heart.

What is an X-ray?

X-ray image of two hands
An X-ray is a safe & painless procedure that's often used to produce images of the inside of the body of a human or animal.

What is Microscopy?

What is Microscopy?
Microscopy is the technical field of using microscopes to view samples & objects that cannot be seen with the unaided eye (objects that are not within the resolution range of the normal eye).