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MSc projects 2122 002

Overview of the use of large animal models in neuroimaging research of the brain

  • Objectives: This study was designed to provide an overview of the historical use of large animal models in neuroimaging research, specifically involving the brain. The purpose was to identify recent developments and areas of interest, hoping to elicit questions for further study and focused reviews.
  • Methods: A systematic review was performed using OVID on both Medline and Embase databases with a broad scope. Data was extracted to classify these studies in the following categories: Year of publication, Organism used, Organism age, Disease class, Disease process, Study type, Imaging type, Outcome type and Model type. This data was then analysed using Pivot tables and Graphs.
  • DiscussionLimitations of performing a review with such a wide scope are discussed, as well as areas of interest for further study or review. Specifically mentioned are the advantages of farm animal models and centralised facilities with multiple imaging techniques, or swine as models of neurodegenerative disease. Briefly discussed is the potential development of new genetically modified large animal models (GMO) or using animal models with naturally occurring disease.
Project type:
  • Systematic review
Imaging keywords:
  • Neuroimaging
Application / disease keywords:
  • Large animal models
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Systematic review
  • 21-22