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MSc projects 1920 002

An update on the usefulness of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in adult neuro-oncology.

  • Background: Brain tumours remain a threat to life despite all the research, innovations & novel imaging techniques.
  • Aim: The review aims to evaluate the usefulness of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) by providing an update on any advance in spectroscopy for neuro-oncology.
  • Method: A comprehensive search of Embase (Ovidsp) & Medline (Ovidsp) databases were performed. Studies were included based on articles that have patients that presented the target conditions, details of the index test & reference standards, or any other Magnetic resonance imaging techniques used as a test comparative of the pathology. All articles were search to established relevance & on the final articles, the QUADAS-2 & STARD 2015 guidelines were used to assess quality.
  • Results: Out 476 articles screened, only 22 were selected & seemed to meet the inclusion criteria. However, only one study was multi-centre & the rest were single-centre studies. There were no randomised control trials, or cohort studies & the included studies were evaluated for validity in treatment management & applicability in multi-centre studies, clinical trials & everyday clinical practice. The results were narrated & classed into different categories of the MRS role of brain tumour management.
  • Conclusion: There was no definitive conclusion that can be obtained, but the studies show potential for MRS in achieving better performance in treatment management. 
Project type:
  • Systematic review
  • Meta-analysis
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