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MSc projects 1213 003

Multi-dimensional MRI brain atlas of the naked mole-rats.

  • Background: The number of research conducted on naked mole-rats has increased because of their unique biology, thus careful investigation of the brain is a crucial task.  Recent rapid development of the MRI techniques such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has enabled researchers to derive the neuroanatomical information. The presence of MRI atlas of the naked mole-rats can be another important source for revealing the brain structures further. 

  • Methods and Materials: MRI was performed for acquisition of the high resolution T2-weighted images and DTI from the male adult brain besides skull images. We reconstructed the data to contain stereotaxic coordinates and visualize the brain structures in 3D for displaying the spatial relationship. The data of neonatal brain was obtained for developmental comparison.

  • Results: Acquired data contained three dimensional images with high tissue contrasts as well as stereotaxic coordinates. Observation from the 3D visualization of white matter tracts and cortical thickness brought indications about possibilities of characteristics unique to naked mole-rats.

  • Discussion: While the use of the MRI atlas would contribute to the field of neuroscience research, as well as the development of a population-averaged template is necessary to incorporate their anatomical variation for further investigation of neuroanatomy by use of MRI.

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  • Data acquisition & analysis
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  • Normal anatomy
  • 12-13
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