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Entrance requirements

Qualified radiographers with at least two years' MR experience are welcome to apply for the course; you must also have appropriate computing & internet access.

IOFB medium

Supporting documents

  • We request a copy of your certificate / diploma, attesting to your radiographer qualification
  • We also request a letter from your manager confirming 2 years of working in MR


Why two years' MR experience?

Our course content is meant to be understood & applied in the context of a working MR practice.

Teaching straightforward metallic IOFB identification on radiography is just a small part of the coursework & just one of several learning outcomes.

Much of the enhanced teaching is about managing negative & positive findings in the MR setting, as well as setting up protocols & guidelines within departments for an enhanced radiographer role, most of which our steering committee advises is best built upon the experience gained from working within MR.

We would be happy to discuss individual situations where there are fewer than two years' MR experience, and there is good, supported evidence that the applicant is on an appropriate career trajectory.

Computer keyboard
Computing requirements

Our online programmes and courses require you to access materials, discussion boards, references, activities and other online learning tools, via the internet.

You are responsible for your own technical set-up. We expect you to take responsibility for your access to the programme, make back-ups of your work, and to organise alternate access if required.

You are not expected to be a technical whizz. We provide guidance and training for the tools we use.

The University’s IS department do provide distance learning support; and also on weekdays the Edinburgh Imaging Academy office can also offer advice.


FAQ: Do I need to buy software to participate?

  • NO you do not, if you are studying with us for credit, as a fully matriculated student of the University of Edinburgh
  • If you are taking non-credit bearing courses via our unsupervised, self-directed route, you may need to acquire a software licence




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