Edinburgh Imaging

Radiology training

We support the academic endeavors of our local radiology trainees. As well, our courses can help trainees in the UK & abroad to meet various learning objectives of national & international radiology & neuroradiology training curricula.

Teaching & Courses

Our online learning materials were originally created within the context of our degree programmes.

However, our students have fed back that much of what we teach is relevant to training programmes in Radiology & Neuroradiology.

You can take our short courses without enrolling on our degree programmes (online, unsupervised learning) & may find that this is a cost effective way of studying towards the various learning objectives of your Radiology & Neuroradiology training curricula.

You may, on the other hand, wish to take our courses for University credit (online, supervised learning), which is more expensive (because you get access to our tutors, interactive activities, reading lists linked to the University of Edinburgh library & final assessments), but gains you University credit, which you may bank towards one of our degree programmes, or which might be recognized by another University & banked towards a degree programme elsewhere.

NHS Lothian radiology

Radiology trainees in NHS Lothian, perform audit & research during their training to become consultant / staff radiologists. Information related to these academic activities is curated here.