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Advice & tips from PhDs / MDs

Some of our students share their experiences in both written & video formats.


19 Jul 22. Dr Emily Ball

Congratulations to Dr Emily Ball who has successfully defended her PhD thesis which aimed to identify clinically relevant risk factors associated with post-stroke cognitive impairment.

06 Apr 22. Dr Jose Bernal Moyano

Congratulations to Dr Jose Bernal Moyano who has successfully defended his PhD thesis, which aimed to propose computational models and signal processing techniques to enable objective examination of post-processing schemes and improve the quantification of subtle and clinically relevant neuroimaging features of small vessel disease.

24 Feb 22. Dr Una Clancy

Congratulations to Dr Una Clancy who has successfully defended her PhD thesis which aimed to advance understanding of the diverse clinical features of cerebral small vessel disease.

04 Feb 22. Dr Beth York

Congratulations to Dr Beth York who successfully defended her PhD thesis, which aimed to advance understanding of in vivo quantitative MR biomarkers of demyelination in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

15 Jul 21. Dr Olivia Hamilton

Congratulations to Dr Olivia Hamilton who recently successfully defended her PhD thesis which aimed to advance current understanding of the cognitive changes associated with sporadic cerebral small vessel disease.

16 Mar 21. Dr Nick Spath

Congratulations to Dr Nick Spath, Clinical Research Fellow, who recently successfully defended his PhD thesis investigating manganese-enhanced MRI of the myocardium in different forms of heart disease.
09 Jul 18. Dr Stewart Wiseman

Hear from Dr Stewart Wiseman's testimonial video, on why he chose to study for his PhD in Edinburgh. Stewart completed his PhD in looking at the causes of stroke.

04 Jul 18. Dr Grant Mair

Hear from Dr Grant Mair's testimonial video, on why he chose Edinburgh to study for his M.D. Grant has completed an M.D in looking for arterial obstruction in stroke.

04 Jul 18. Dr Rachael Forsythe

Rachael Forsythe is a vascular surgery trainee in Edinburgh, and recently gained her PhD here in 2018. We ask Rachael about her time here working with Edinburgh Imaging.
15 May 18. Dr Lucy Hiscox After gaining her PhD viva, we asked Lucy Hiscox what life was like as a PhD student at Edinburgh Imaging. Her thesis was titled: “Early detection of neurodegeneration with high-resolution magnetic resonance elastography".
 15 Jun 17. Dr Anna Heye Dr Anna Heye writes about her PhD experience in this article, which focused on the measurement of blood-brain barrier permeability using magnetic resonance imaging.

21 Dec 16. Dr Stewart Wiseman

Dr Stewart Wiseman is the first radiographer in Scotland to have graduated with a PhD in the field of brain imaging.