Edinburgh Imaging

Aims & learning outcomes

To disseminate PET-MR imaging knowledge, skills and understanding, in order to enable effective and efficient PET-MR use, in research, clinically and in industry.

PET brain scan
Aims of our flexible, intermittent, part-time, online distance learning (OLDL) programme:
  • to provide an understanding of PET-MR imaging theory, techniques, analysis and applications
  • to develop research planning and designing skills, incorporating PET-MR imaging
  • to enable interpretation and analysis of relevant PET-MR imaging data
  • to relate PET-MR imaging research to clinical applications


Learning outcomes for students who complete the full Certificate (Cert) programme:
  • Demonstrate subject specific knowledge and understanding in both PET and MR individually, as well as in the unique situations which arise from combining the two techniques into a single imaging unit
  • Develop subject specific knowledge, encompassing a number of specialist areas such as:
    • Technical and physical principles
    • Applications in disease
    • Practicalities relating to health, regulations and safety
  • State and apply the practical health, regulation and safety issues pertaining to PET, MR and the combined techniques
  • Communicate the principles and applications of PET-MR imaging to other operators and users, e.g. radiographers, researchers and clinicians, to ensure optimum study design and use of the technology
  • Explain and justify the PET-MR patient pathway by integrating practical knowledge around patient management with constraints determined by the imaging technique
  • Critically appraise current and recommend future applications of PET-MR, both in research and clinically


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