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NI4R 2017 Victoria - Radiographer, research MR

Victoria, a Radiographer in research MR at a Neurosciences centre, completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Neuroimaging for Research MSc in 2017 & has been applying knowledge gained on our programme to her work throughout her studies. She discusses flexible study, work-life balance, content quality & relevance to working in research.


Transcript - NI4R 2017 Victoria - Radiographer, research MR

"I studied Neuroimaging for Research.

What I enjoyed best was the flexibility of the programme; I could pause, I could take a break and I could return, I was allowed time to interrupt my studies at certain times, so that really helped me with my work, family, schedule.

I chose this programme because of the content of the course materials. Very superior & very relevant to what I do, so I greatly encourage anybody who has any interest in imaging to do this programme.

The best part of studying online is it works with my personal schedule; I can travel and still be studying, I could have my lectures downloaded on a PDF while on the train and I’m studying, I could multitask & the flexibility that it gave me I think is very, very good.

I chose Edinburgh, because Edinburgh has a reputation of having the best materials, the best professors & very supportive environment and atmosphere for learning.

I recommend this programme for different reasons. It is great if you want to get that advanced knowledge in neuroimaging & if you have interest in research, you will get everything you need, you will be equipped to carry out your own research independently, so I highly recommend this programme.

The online experience gave me good interaction, starting from the lecture materials, to the group; I could leave feedback in the group page, I could email privately if I wanted & I would get a response, so there were different levels of interaction that were very supportive for me.

Before the programme, I was very confused about research; I did not quite understand what it took to select a project material & research your need & present it scientifically. But, after this programme I feel very confident that I can independently carry out research, in neuroimaging."

​​- NI4R 2017 Victoria - Radiographer, research MR