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NI4R IMSc 2017 Victoria & Bernadette

Victoria, a Radiographer in research MR at a Neurosciences centre, completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Neuroimaging for Research MSc in 2017, & has been applying knowledge gained on our programme to her work throughout her studies. Bernadette, Director of Medical Imaging with a focus on prostate cancer research, completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Imaging Certificate in 2017 & has successfully used our programme as a stepping stone to her objective of pursuing a PhD. They discuss why they chose to study this course, the benefits of studying online, content quality & relevance to working in research.


Transcript - NI4R IMSc 2017 Victoria & Bernadette

Victoria: "I studied Neuroimaging for Research. I chose this programme because of the content of the course materials. I found that it would give me the level of knowledge that I needed to have. I chose Edinburgh, because Edinburgh has a reputation for having the best materials, best professors, and very supportive environment and atmosphere for learning."

Bernadette: "Studying online offers unique challenges for a couple reasons; the first reason is you have to be tenacious and you’ve got to be organised, and you’ve got to get the work done, so prioritisation is key. The second thing is interaction with your peers; if you can establish a nice network of your peers while you’re studying online you can create a community that is just as intimate and just as productive as the university based student community. The course from the Imaging Sciences programme that I found particularly illuminating for me, was the study design course, and the reason why because as chief research officer, I have been conducting research in a clinical environment and in industry for many years, but the formal education and the certification puts a lot of power behind my experience."

Victoria: "Absolutely I recommend this programme for different reasons. It is great if you want to get that advanced knowledge in neuroimaging, and if you have an interest in research, you will get everything you need, you will be equipped to carry out your own research independently, so I highly recommend this programme. Before the programme I was very confused about research; I did not quite understand what it took to select a project material and research your need, and present it scientifically. But, after this programme I feel very confident that I can independently carry out research, in neuroimaging."

Bernadette: "I think the Imaging Sciences programme has prepared me for the future in a number of ways; professionally I believe I’ve got the credentials now to move forward as chief research officer and beyond, and personally I think this has spring boarded me into the confidence that I need to complete my PhD. I would recommend the Imaging Sciences programme at the University of Edinburgh to any student in radiologic sciences that wants to go beyond than being a technologist. Sometimes we earn our certificate and we are happy to just stay at a level where we’re interacting with patients and doing patient care, but some of us want to move into biomedical engineering, or product development, or clinical or translational research – this is where the University of Edinburgh comes in, we’re able to take what we have as clinicians and move it into other areas that are either industry based or research based."

- NI4R IMSc 2017 Victoria & Bernadette