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NI4R Diploma 2019 Georgi - Drug Safety Specialist

Hear from Georgi, a Drug Safety Specialist from Bulgaria who completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy, Neuroimaging for Research Diploma programme in 2019. In this video he discusses how this programme has gained him a job as a Project Manager, and why he enjoyed online learning whilst working full-time.


Transcript - NI4R Diploma 2019 Georgi - Drug Safety Specialist

"I’m Georgi, I’m from Bulgaria.

Previously I’ve studied Pharmacology in Aberdeen, but for the past five and a half years I’ve worked in pharmacovigilance and medical monitoring, and starting from this Monday I’ll be moving up in the world and becoming a project manager, but this time instead of with drugs I’ll be dealing with medical devices.

Well I wouldn’t have gotten this job that I’m starting on Monday if it wasn’t for this degree – the people that interviewed me were really interested in what I studied and what I want to do with it and I’m pretty positive that I’ll be able to use at least some of the knowledge that I gained in this programme in my new position.

Well, the thing that I liked most about the programme and I found most applicable for my current line of work, were the courses and lectures that were dealing with study design, how to best use different imaging techniques depending on what is your clinical trial, and this is what I really want to continue doing in the future.

It’s online – I mean I’m a very people’s person, I prefer to meet people but in my current case I was not able to do first of all full-time study when I’m doing a full-time job, and second of all I couldn’t just come to Edinburgh because I couldn’t leave my job, I couldn’t leave my family at that point so, if it wasn’t an online degree I would have never done it.

Oh yeah, definitely."

- NI4R Diploma 2019 Georgi - Drug Safety Specialist