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N14R 2018 Alison - Radiographer, clinical

Alison, a clinical radiographer from Malta, speaks about her final year of study at the Edinburgh Imaging Academy on the Neuroimaging for Research MSc programme. She aims to be more involved with research in neurology & psychiatry on completion.


Transcript - N14R 2018 Alison - Radiographer

"I graduated in diagnostic & in therapeutic radiography & I was always interested in the research side of things. Now unfortunately where I work I don’t get to practise as much research so I started looking into courses, & apart from the research I’m also very interested in psychiatry & neurology, & when I found this course it brought all of those elements together so I had the imaging, the psychiatry & the neurology all wrapped up into one, & the research, so it was just perfect for me.

So as I mentioned earlier it brought all those elements together all the elements that I was interested in, the fact that it’s offered online was excellent for me because I wasn’t in a position to leave my country to come here and study at the time, & also the fact that it’s flexible & part time was very convenient for me, I could do things at my own place & I felt that that’s helped a lot.

Definitely I wouldn’t have been able to do it had it not been online because at the time as I said I wasn’t able to leave my place of work & my country in order to come & study over here.

Definitely the University of Edinburgh has a fantastic reputation so I was very pleased to be accepted onto the course.

I hope that I will be able to get involved in the research side of things a lot more, unfortunately where I am there’s no established research institute in this particular area, so I hope that with this under my belt I’ll be able to find something that’s a bit more relevant to what I’ve studied & do something that I really do enjoy.

So those involved at the early stages I’d say don’t be afraid to ask questions, everyone over here is very helpful & encouraging, at least in my experience I’ve felt very comfortable, & for those contemplating starting the course I’d say that it is a really good opportunity if you were in a situation where you’re unsure about becoming a student again, you have other commitments, and you’re scared about starting a full-time course, this would be a really good alternative because it is flexible so I would recommend it very much."

- N14R 2018 Alison - Radiographer