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N14R 2017 Nichola - Radiographer, research MR

Nichola, a Radiographer in research MR & lecturer, completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Imaging Neuroimaging for Research MSc in 2017 & has been applying knowledge gained on our programme to her work throughout her studies. She discusses why she chose to study this programme to further her career, and what she enjoyed about online learning.


Transcript - N14R  2017 Nichola - Radiographer, research MR

"Hi there, I am Nichola Crouch, and I am a research MRI radiographer up in Aberdeen. I have just graduated with a Masters of Science in Imaging, and I decided to do this course because it is very much related to my job, and what I do in the research department in Aberdeen.

I enjoyed the interaction with other students, I wasn’t aware how multicultural and how much interaction you can have from students all over the world – that surprised me about how diverse it actually was, and the backgrounds of all the various students as well that was quite surprising, it was very diverse, mostly medical but other areas as well.

I really enjoyed the flexibility because obviously working full-time, you need time to demote to your own job, but you also need to have a life outside of work and studies, so the flexibility of the course was also something that appealed to me.

This degree, it was just an opportunity to further my own skills in research, and hopefully get a bit more recognition for the job I am already doing, so it is something I encourage somebody else to do who wants to further their career."

- N14R  2017 Nichola - Radiographer, research MR