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IMSc 2017 Aldo - Radiology registrar / resident

Aldo, a Radiology Registrar / Resident, is enrolled on the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Imaging MSc & hopes to use knowledge gained from our programme to underpin a career in research Radiology. He discusses what career choices are open to radiology registrars who complete this online Masters in Medical Imaging, and the courses during his first year of study.


Transcript - IMSc 2017 Aldo - Radiology registrar / resident

"Hello, my name is Aldo Vasquez, and I am a radiology resident in Mexico City; I studied there, and I am right now in the Imaging Master of Science programme [IMSc]. All I can tell you is that I chose this programme because I am very interested in medical imaging research. Where I come from the research opportunities are not very well developed, and I think the research in imaging, for example in radiology my field, it’s very limited from where I come from. I think we only have the basic knowledge, but I think we should have more information about how the images are acquired. For example to learn more about the physics. Some of us, some of the doctors, we are not very accustomed to the physics and the science of visual imaging.

I would recommend this programme to, for example doctors or researchers, also radiographers and sonographer’s as well, if you have an interest in research in medical imaging.

Well, I would like to get the basic skills to, for example, assess a whole research project. If in the future I work at a hospital I would like to be a consultant for example, and to manage a good project, because the main reason to do research is to solve a problem. So in order to do that I have to have the clinical knowledge and the scientific knowledge as well, and that’s one of my first aims in this programme.

Well the first two courses I took were techniques and physics, and clinical applications. Techniques and physics was a very complex course, there I learnt a lot about physical background of every imaging technique, and I think it is one of the most important courses because if you understand the basic knowledge of each imaging technique, you are going to understand all kinds of research applications, for example. The other one was clinical applications, for me that was like an introduction course to basic radiology, and although I am a radiology resident right now, I think it is useful to other kinds of professions like sonographers, and radiographers as well. Right now I am finishing practicalities and safety, and image interpretation and evaluation. For example, practicalities and safety I think that is a necessary course as you are going to learn about how do you get permission to do research, how do you ask a patient how are you going to manage their information; is it private information? How are you going to keep it safe? That’s very important. And the other one, image interpretation and evaluation, one of the most important thing about this course, is you learn that having clinical background, for example from an X-ray or CT scan, is one of the most important things for the interpretation for it, having the clinical information is going to give you a better accuracy for your diagnoses, and I think that is very important to radiologists."

- IMSc 2017 Aldo - Radiology registrar / resident