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IMSc 2017 Nick - Medical registrar / resident

Nick, a Medical Registrar / Resident, is enrolled on the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Imaging MSc & hopes that our programme will underpin a career in Radiology. He discusses why as a medical registrar he chose to study this course, during his first year of study.


Transcript - IMSc 2017 Nick - Medical registrar / resident

"My name’s Nick, I’m originally from Wales, and I now live over in New Zealand in Auckland. I am currently doing a job working in medicine, as a Medical Registrar.

The reason I chose to do this course was, I didn’t feel like I had enough understanding or knowledge about how to do research properly - I had done a few audits and I didn’t think I had did them particularly well, so I wanted to learn more about exactly how to do a project properly, so that I could put good research ideas forward, and then to take those projects with a good sound knowledge of how to do it properly."

- IMSc 2017 Nick - Medical registrar / resident

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