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IMSc 2019 Aldo - Radiology registrar / resident

Aldo, a Radiology Registrar / Resident, completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Imaging MSc programme in 2019, & hopes to use knowledge gained from our programme to underpin a career in research Radiology. He discusses what he liked best about learning online, and who he recommends this programme to.


Transcript - IMSc 2019 Aldo - Radiology registrar / resident

"I’m Aldo Vasquez, and I graduated today from the Imaging Master of Science.

Well now I’m a radiology resident in Mexico City, and in one year I’m going to be finished with that training.

I selected the University of Edinburgh because it has a very good reputation, and it’s one of the best universities in the world today.

Well I learned to do research in radiology and that’s very important for us because in Mexico we don’t have an actual programme to do research in imaging, so it was quite important for me to do good research.

Well I enjoyed that I could do my residency training and the master of science at the same time. So it’s very difficult to have enough time to do both things, but this programme allowed me to organise my own schedule and now I completed the Master of Science and in one year I’m going to complete my radiology training so it’s really good for me.

I think the most important part was my thesis advisor. She is one of the experts in the field in cardiology imaging and I think that was the best part of the course.

I would recommend it for people that have to work that have a very busy schedule, but cannot go to a class. And I would recommend it to that kind of people so they can manage their own schedule and at the end achieve a very good programme."

- IMSc 2019 Aldo - Radiology registrar / resident