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NI4R 2017 Leonor - Psychology graduate

Leonor, a Psychology BSc / BA graduate, completed the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Neuroimaging for Research MSc in 2017 & has successfully used our programme as a stepping stone to her objective of pursuing a Cognitive Neuroscience PhD. She discusses the benefits from learning online & what she enjoyed most.


Transcript - NI4R 2017 Leonor - Psychology graduate

"My name is Leonor & I just graduated from the Masters in Neuroimaging for Research.

I chose the programme because it is delivered online & it has a lot of flexibility in it & at the time of enrolment I needed something that allowed for a lot of other commitments & the programme is just the right fit because you can chose how many modules you want to take per semester, you can take breaks in between & you have up to six years to finish the course, so that takes off a lot of pressure for people who have very busy lives.

What I enjoyed most about the programme is that it has a great mix of students – I was very privileged to be in a course with working professionals & I really learned a lot from them because a lot of professional experience & we all learnt from each other."

- NI4R 2017 Leonor - Psychology graduate