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NI4R 2014 Maria - Neuropsychology

Maria, a Neuropsychologist, completed the Neuroimaging for Research MSc in 2014. She discusses her experience studying online and what our masters programme has to offer.


Transcript - NI4R 2014 Maria - Neuropsychology

“Hi there, I’m Maria Diamantoudi. I’ve just graduated from my Master’s degree - Neuroimaging for Research, from the University of Edinburgh.

I just wanted to share with you the one word that describes our masters – for me it’s ‘rewarding’. In our masters you have the opportunity to work with world class professors in a world class university. It has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, in my field of clinical neuropsychology.

Overall it has been very rewarding and exciting experience at the University of Edinburgh, and I would definitely recommend it both for busy professionals and for students.”

- NI4R 2014 Maria - Neuropsychology