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IMSc 2017 Nick - Medical registrar / resident

Nick, a Medical Registrar / Resident, is enrolled on the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Imaging MSc & hopes that our programme will underpin a career in Radiology. He discusses why he prefers online learning & the benefits that come with it, during his first year of study.


Transcript - IMSc 2017 Nick - Medical registrar / resident

"My name’s Nick, I’m originally from Wales & I now live over in New Zealand in Auckland. I am currently doing a job working in Medicine, as a Medical Registrar.

The reason I like the online learning is that obviously you can do it from anywhere in the world; living in New Zealand you can’t really go to Edinburgh to study every day, so the online approach is great. Also, I didn’t really think about this until I was on the course, but it’s quite good to interact with people from all over the world, so for example interacting with Aldo from Mexico, other students from the UK, from the US, so it’s quite good to get an international feel & you can learn a little more about what they do, what radiology is like over there, how different it is & also make some online studying friends, which has been quite useful as well through learning."

​​​- IMSc 2017 Nick - Medical registrar / resident

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