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NI4R 2010 Susanne - Radiologist

Dr Susanne Diekmann, a Radiologist, was enrolled in the Edinburgh Imaging Academy Neuroimaging for Research MSc, and graduated with a distinction. She discusses why she chose to study with us here at the Edinburgh Imaging Academy, and her career development since graduating.

She was in our very first cohort of students to enroll, and to graduate, from the programme. Dr Diekmann already came from a strong imaging background, & after graduating, completed the European Certificate of Neuroradiology, & the German Certificate of Neuroradiology.

In 2013 she was appointed to the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing, MEVIS, and continues to work there. In 2015 she was additionally appointed to Telemedicineclinic, TMC.

Five years on from graduation, Dr Diekmann reflected on her motivation for taking the Neuroimaging for Research MSc programme & described her experiences while enrolled & her subsequent career following graduation in 2010:


Why did you chose to study Neuroimaging for Research with the University of Edinburgh?

"The programme I was initially looking for had to meet two requirements:

  • Firstly, attendance had to enable me to keep up to date with medical imaging; to prepare me for further specialization in Neuroradiology; to prepare me for additional specialist differentiation in Neurosciences; to improve my English language skills; to make new academic, research and clinical contacts; & to provide me with a graduate degree, which would enhance my professional profile.
  • Secondly, the program had to be completely online, so that I could organize study around my maternity leave, while also working part time in a hospital.

The Neuroimaging for Research MSc perfectly met both my requirements. Intense attendance over a period of three years was fun & very interesting. I thought the content was well prepared and organised & supervision both competent & helpful."


Dr Susanne Diekmann, Radiologist, NI4R MSc, graduated 2010, reflecting in 2016 

How has the Neuroimaging for Research helped with your career for the future?

"The Neuroimaging for Research MSc has provided me with a solid platform to perform my job at Fraunhofer MEVIS

Fraunhofer MEVIS focuses on computer assistance for medical imaging. To allow us to develop our projects, it is necessary to have a profound understanding of the use of Neuroimaging, & Imaging more generally, in clinical studies, which in turn requires understanding the core parameters required to make meaningful calculations, & useful visualization.

What I learnt on the MSc programme helps me when it comes to defining new projects where various specialties (medical and non- medical) are brought together. Being aware of different approaches & challenges, closes gaps in understanding between disparate groups, helps better define tasks & improves study design."


Dr Susanne Diekmann, Radiologist, NI4R MSc, graduated 2010, reflecting in 2016.