Edinburgh Preclinical Imaging

Optical Imaging

The preclinical optical imaging facility incorporates three advanced in vivo optical imaging systems providing research opportunities for high-sensitivity imaging of radioisotopic, bioluminescence and fluorescence reporters.


EPI Perkin Elmer scanner
Perkin Elmer scanner

Our Perkin Elmer FMT2500 is a specialist near infrared device, delivering 3D Fluorescence-based Quantitative Tomography. Available laser wavelengths are Ex670 / Em700nm or Ex745 / Em780 nm.

Our Kodak system, now marketed as a Bruker Multispectral System FX, combines high resolution digital x-ray and radioisotopic imaging, multispectral fluorescence and luminescence for in-vivo imaging in a single system.

EPI Kodak scanner
Kodak scanner

Our newest acquisition is the Biospace Optima, purchased by the research team led by Prof Jeff Pollard of the Centre for Reproductive Health. Both fluorescence and luminescence measurements are possible with this machine which delivers real time signal kinetics.

EPI Biospace scanner
Biospace scanner

All systems can be connected to inhaled anaesthetic rigs or used with injectable anaesthesia. The FMT system scans one mouse at a time taking approximately 20-25 minutes per scan. The Kodak and Biospace can scan 5 animals at a time taking anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Users are trained to use the instrument themselves, then can use an online booking system to reserve use of the machine.


For more information about our optical imaging equipment, email Adrian Thomson.


Examples of Studies using our Optical Imaging Equipment