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Edinburgh has a long & distinguished history of imaging excellence.

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Edinburgh Imaging delivers world class imaging outputs to meet research & diagnostic needs. Principal user groups are academic researchers, NHS clinicians & commercial imaging organisations, including biotech, pharmaceutical & private medical industries.  

Edinburgh Imaging is a partnership between the University of EdinburghNHS Lothian. It operates two facilities, housing cutting-edge advanced imaging equipment & associated laboratories.

Imaging equipment includes MR, CT, PET, & retinal scanners, with functional imaging capabilities ranging from fMRI to PET CTPET MR.

Laboratories include extensive radiochemistry production facilities, as well as image analysis & data processing teams.

Our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accredited radiochemistry production facility develops, manufactures & distributes novel radiotracers in addition to a range of clinically routine products.

The aggregated knowledge & experience, developed over more than 25 years, of the Edinburgh Imaging staff underpin a suite of online learning tools, supporting postgraduate academic qualifications, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) activities.

Edinburgh Imaging supports an academic research community based across all University of Edinburgh Colleges, a host of other Scottish & UK research Institutions, as well as academic organisations internationally.

The academic, scientific & technical expertise based within Edinburgh Imaging encompasses a broad range of specialities including cardiology, stroke, small vessel disease, neurodegeneration (including Alzheimer’s dementia), liver disease, as well as perinatal physiology & morbidity.

Edinburgh Imaging also liaises closely with Pre-clinical & Veterinary imaging facilities at the University of Edinburgh, as well as being a major contributor to the University’s core services & consultancy offerings.

Due to its unique mix of expert staff, cutting-edge advanced imaging equipment & close integration with NHS Lothian, Edinburgh Imaging is capable of providing high-quality & high-volume imaging needs for any potential partner, from individual researcher or clinician, to local small & medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in research or medical markets, to larger biotech, clinical research organisations & global pharmaceutical companies.

We welcome enquiries from any sector or individual. Please get in touch to let us know your imaging needs: your enquiry will be matched to the appropriate scientific contact to assess feasibility & who can then discuss the next steps.


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