Edinburgh Imaging

Research in a Nutshell

View our Edinburgh Imaging academics discussing their 'Research in a Nutshell'.

Prof Edwin van Beek, 2018

Professor Edwin van Beek, SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Radiology, discusses his research into cardiac (heart) & thoracic (chest) imaging.

Dr Fergus Doubal, 2018

Dr Fergus Doubal highlights his research using brain imaging & retinal imaging to investigate dementia & stroke.

Dr Marc Dweck, 2018

Dr Marc Dweck discusses his research into novel imaging techniques, applied to the heart, to investigate cardiac diseases such as myocardial infarction & cardiomyopathies.

Prof Andrew Farrall, 2013

Professor Andrew Farrall describes his clinical work as a neuroradiologist & the online education courses offered by Edinburgh Imaging Academy.

Prof Megan Holmes, 2018

Professor Megan Holmes, describes her research into the effects that early life stress may have on the adult brain.

Dr Tom MacGillivray, 2018

Dr Tom MacGillivray highlights the main focus of his research - how retinal imaging might tell us more about human body & brain health, especially in stroke & dementia.

Dr Gillian Macnaught, 2018

Dr Gillian Macnaught, lead PET-MR physicist, discusses her scientific management of & technical innovations research into, the PET-MR scanner at the Edinburgh Imaging Facility - QMRI.

Dr Grant Mair, 2018

Dr Grant Mair, Neuroradiologist & research fellow, highlights his brain research which has a stroke and computed tomography focus.

Prof Ian Marshall, 2018

Professor Ian Marshall highlights his medical physics-based research - applications of magnetic resonance (MR) in brain imaging, improving technical factors, & evaluating blood flow.

Prof Carmel Moran, 2018

Professor Carmel Moran, Director of the Preclinical Ultrasound Imaging Facility, discusses her research into the development and use of contrast microbubbles for diagnostic and therapy applications.

Prof David Newby, 2018

Professor David Newby, BHF John Wheatley Chair of Cardiology, describes his research into heart attacks & coronary artery disease.

Dr Emilio Quaia, 2018

Dr Emilio Quaia, Senior Research Fellow, discusses his research interests in liver, kidney & bowel diseases including cirrhosis, renal failure & Crohn's disease.

Dr Scott Semple, 2018

Dr Scott Semple, Reader in Medical Physics, discusses his research aims, in particular applying MR to cardiovascular diseases such as aortic aneurysm, or for evaluating drug efficacy.

Dr Adriana Tavares, 2018

Dr Adriana Tavares, head of the preclinical PET-CT facility, discusses her research into developing new imaging probes - radiotracers - for PET imaging.

Dr Gerry Thompson, 2018

Dr Gerry Thompson highlights his research focus on brain imaging like PET & MR, to better characterize dementias & brain tumours & improve treatment.

Prof Adam Waldman, 2018

Prof Adam Waldman, Chair of Neuroradiology, discusses his research interests around neuro oncology, and neuro inflammatory diseases.

Prof Joanna Wardlaw, 2012

Professor Joanna Wardlaw discusses her research into small vessel disease (SVD), stroke & dementia.